D & A Morales y Asociados has a solid expertise in setting up joint ventures and strategic alliances among international and/or domestic corporate enterprises and business ventures. Some of the joint ventures that our firm has established include investors from North America, Europe and Asia . The firm represents foreign and domestic interests and has been involved in all stages of the structuring process, which includes planning and the negotiation and drafting of the legal documents required to set up these ventures, such as joint venture agreements, shareholders' agreements, and other ancillary documents . It has also been actively involved in assisting its clients during the development of their business plans and pre-operating stages, as well as during the initiation of their operations and its consolidation stages.

Our firm has been an active player in resolving most of the issues arising out of these complex transactions. Those issues include matters related to corporate ownership, management control, minority shareholders' protection, tax planning, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, and exit rights or strategies, among others.

Some of the joint ventures in which our firm has participated include the creation of joint ventures in the following industries: finance of consumer goods, mutual funds and asset management, pension funds and retirement accounts, local and long distance telephony, restricted and cable television network, electrical co-generation facilities, water utilities, water treatment plants and commercial aviation, among others.

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